tisdag 9 augusti 2016

Sista dagarna för LINN sommar offerten ... slut 15 Augusti

Free upgrades with integrated speakers

Choose the performance and elegance of an integrated speaker and we’ll upgrade your Klimax or Akurate network music player to the latest spec for free.
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Upgrade with Exaktbox for less

Add an Exaktbox to your system, and save on the upgrade to your Klimax or Akurate network music player.
+2 channels of amplification
More channels mean more performance, whether you’re bi-amping or upgrading to Exakt. Get two channels free with Akurate and Majik amps.

Villa Holme

for naming Peoples & Schmidt as official partners and inviting Me into their beautiful home.

Villa Holme: now boasting a beautiful Linn system

READ MORE ABOUT VILLA HOLME ... http://www.villaholme.no

Summaren är slut ... nu behöver vi musiken ändå mer!

torsdag 9 juni 2016

Attefallshus - listening room or studio

We are getting some great nationwide attention, including this Expressen report, ''Herr är coolaste minihuset du sett'',  for this build we designed and built with our own hands, done basically for fun to test the possibilities of a house without parallel walls; but also an open feel, perfect for the creative process.

Click to link the the article and please watch the film ...


fredag 27 maj 2016

torsdag 26 maj 2016


Today we are releasing new Exakt filters for the Linn Sekrit IW10 as well as five subwoofer models from B&W and REL.

Exakt support for Sekrit IW10

The IW10 is Linn’s flagship in-wall speaker, offering a powerful yet discreet alternative to free-standing loudspeakers. 

Now thanks to new Exakt filters you can transform Sekrit IW10s and deliver a more natural sounding performance than ever before with an Exaktbox and amplifiers at a range of performance levels.

With an Exaktbox, Sekrit IW10s can be optimised for your customers’ rooms and speaker positions with even greater precision than before thanks to Space Optimisation+. 

Ever tried Space Optimising an in-wall speaker?

Space Optimisation is perfectly suited to the restrictions of in-wall applications.

Simply set the ‘Ideal Position’ in Konfig to your considered best free-standing position in the room, and the ‘Practical Position’ to the in-wall’s actual position, to deliver a dramatic improvement in performance.

Exakt support for subs from other manufacturers
New Exakt filters for several B&W and REL subwoofers present the ideal opportunity to upgrade your systems and give them a more natural sounding performance than ever, thanks to Linn’s revolutionary Exakt technology.
These filters allow you to upgrade owners of these subs who have been waiting to make the move to a full Exakt-enabled system.
DB1_REL.jpgWith a variety of Exakt upgrade paths available, there’s a solution for every owner of a B&W or REL subwoofer.

Supported models
  • B&W DB1
  • REL Gibraltar G/2
  • REL Serie S -  S/2, S/3 SHO and S/5 SHO